A world of free spirited people who love to laugh and express together, leaving the fears and stigma behind. Learning ways to overcome obstacles within, through Theatre.
Kartab Theatre is a family of diverse cultures with one goal...happiness of self and others. 


Kartab Theatre by Nidhi Kundra is a dream come true of a passionate teacher, an indulgent story teller and a prolific story writer. Nothing satisfies as much as a child’s genuine and heart-warming smile. In a short span of a few months, the Kartab family has grown from a single person to an entire community of Kartab Kalakars. From conducting story telling sessions and organising story telling competitions to scripting and directing original plays, Kartab Theatre has carved a niche for itself in training and shaping the future Kalakars. Kartab Theatre has enjoyed participation from countries as close as UAE and as far as the UK. Kartab Theatre takes pride in providing immense joy and a sense of accomplishment to hundreds of children who have used this platform to unravel their exuberant selves in the unprecedented pandemic lockdown.

Through its original scripts, Kartab has made an attempt to touch a chord with the prevailing social issues like environmental degradation, yellow journalism, inclusive education and many more. The mission of Karatb Theatre is to raise thoughtful and empathetic beings who can lead the fast deteriorating society to a truly humanistic world.